I Am YOU – Album Release

“I Am YOU” Album Release. Track List: YOU. I Am YOU My Side (편) Hero’s Soup (해장국) Get Cool N/S 0325 Mixtape #3 (CD Only)

I Am WHO – Album Release

“I Am WHO” Album Release. Track List: WHO? My Pace Voices Question Insomnia (불면증) M.I.A. Awkward Silence (갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요) Mixtape #2 (CD Only)

I Am NOT – Album Release

“I Am NOT” Album Release Track List: NOT! District 9 Mirror Awaken ROCK (돌) Grow Up (잘 하고 있어) 3rd Eye Mixtape #1 (CD Only)

Mixtape – Album Release

“Mixtape” Album Release. Track List: Hellevator Beware (Grrr 총량의 법칙) Spread My Wings (어린 날개) Yayaya Glow School Life 4419

Video Call Fansign

They will be having their fansign for MMT. The buying period for this event is OVER.

SBS Super Concert

They will be appearing at the SBS Super Concert 2020. NOTE: This is a re-broadcast of their appearance at Super ON:TACT from September 27th.

The Fact Music Awards – Ceremony

They will be attending The Fact Music Awards. You can check how to purchase a ticket here: http://www.tfmusicawards.com/way.html – it differs depending on which country you are in! If you are in Japan you can also stream it here: https://site.nicovideo.jp/artistlive_guide/2020tma/

AAA (Asia Artist Awards) – Ceremony

They will be apeearing at the Asia Artist Awards. Concert tickets can be purchased from https://www.livex.co.kr/ NOTE: this event has been pre-recorded due to the covid-19 global pandemic.