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Stray Kids Kingdom poster

This post is general information about supporting Stray Kids on Kingdom. Updates may occur.

Final Round: <WHO IS THE KING?>

Global Evaluation period: Jun 03(Thu) voting time will be announced during the episode’s broadcast starting 7:50PM KST

? Tutorial on how to vote: Final Round <WHO IS THE KING?>

❗ We only need to vote Stray Kids. Voting period will be very short so be prepared. Read the instructions early. In this round voting is 60% of the criteria. Only fans outside Korea can vote on Whosfan while fans in Korea should vote through text. 40% of criteria was digital streaming which is already done.

Global Evaluation: WHOSFAN Guide
? Tutorial on how to use Whosfan

If you are having trouble trying to log in different accounts with one SNS:

  • If you have the SNS app, you need to log out or switch accounts on the SNS app then log in to Whosfan.
  • Check your default browser if your SNS account is logged in there. You have to log out or switch accounts on your browser. Then try to log in to Whosfan.
  • If you still can’t log in with a different account
    • Android – clear your data (go to your phone’s settings > application > Whosfan > clear data) and try again.
    • iOS – reinstall Whosfan.