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Stray Kids are kind idols

Oh my god where you can find idol like this?

This is our Tang Tang Tang

Stray Kids are kind idols

(OP edit the post)

+ Wow my post is on trending talk section I’m so excited !!@@@@@@!!!!!!

Our kids will come out in Kingdom. One vote is really precious so please give a lot of attention to them. (Changbin quote) Be firm, watch it first and make your own judgement. SKZ are the fundamentals!


[+17 -0] The 100 seconds stage is on February 23rd and April 1st is first start of Kingdom. Please give them a lot of attention. Let’s not fight between the fandom, and let’s just enjoy the show

[+15 -0] Skz

[+13 -0] Stray Kids are kind idols

[+11 -0] I saw Changbin and Hyunjin hitting each other I almost faint laughing

[+9 -0] Our Foxyny is so cute I’m going through it

[+6 -0] So cute I’m going to stan

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