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What’s going on with SKZ Hyunjin…?

*Op is a Melody

Because of BTOB is going to Kingdom, my youtube algorithm keep showing Stray Kids Hyunjin. Why is he so handsome? I just realized it…

+ Just now I watch all his video on stage, this group, they barely lip-sync either. That’s so f*cking cool. I think them appearing in Kingdom will for sure bring a lot of domestic fans

Proof that I am a Melody


[+7 -0] Thank you for viewing him prettily

[+6 -0] The sooner you become a fan, the better.

[+5 -0] Please give a lot of love to our Hyunjin-ie

[+4 -0] Why is that video suddenly trending high like that? (t/n: OP talking about this) It was 40k views when I watch that. It’s like all the video go all korean algorithm recommendation lol

[+4 -0] Please take interest of our cutie mandu

[+3 -0] Thank you ㅠㅠ

[+3 -0] Grandma, are you cheating here? (Because op is a melody)

[+3 -0] Thank you, SKZ and BTOB too fighting~

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3 thoughts on “What’s going on with SKZ Hyunjin…?”

  1. This is cute. I knew a lot about BTOB prior to Kingdom, and I’ve seen so many of my mutuals falling in love with their vocals and Eunkwang’s humor

  2. after kingdom’s first ep, i think btob and their fans are so nice i hope they love our kids more in the following weeks <33

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