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Who is the person in 1st part Skz Gods Menu?

— Looks like he’s really good in rap


[+4 -0] Changbin! He’s really good in rapping. I recommend Warrior Descendant

[+4 -0] My love Seo Changbin!! Watch him in Masked Singer. He can sing too!

[+1 -0] There’s so many good song that have a really good rap part from Changbin. If you have time please listen to it

[+1 -0] (From OP) I kinda have feeling it’s him. Turn out I’m right~

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1 thought on “Who is the person in 1st part Skz Gods Menu?”

  1. changbin getting all the love and recognition he deserves. The fact that everyone knows it is him because of his powerful rapping style. changbin world domination we love changbin he is so sexy

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