The Reason I Like Kingdom 2nd Round SKZ Stage Even More

Honestly, all 6 teams did so well so I don’t really want to compare,but personally what I felt after watching the 2nd round belatedly was that out of all of Kingdom, I already knew well that everyone was good at performing so I had some expectations that I wanted to see a stage that’s different … Read more

SKZ Felix seriously..

If there’s anything else that only Felix can do, it’s his part. For real, when I listen to Felix’s part, I can’t imagine anyone else who can do it other than him. I think it’s a great advantage to have your own ‘weapon (identity)’, but for Felix, it’s not just his voice, he’s a good … Read more

Wow this is fascinating!

If you add the total of Chan’s birthday with Changbin birthday you will get Jisung’s birthday 3RACHA are really fate to be together Heol Heol daebak It is a fate 3RACHA Goosebumps hehe Destiny It’s fate. Truly a fate Wow becoming a 3RACHA is really their fate Ackkkekekekekeke Wow it is really their fate Destiny … Read more

Stray Kids are kind idols

Oh my god where you can find idol like this? This is our Tang Tang Tang Stray Kids are kind idols (OP edit the post) + Wow my post is on trending talk section I’m so excited !!@@@@@@!!!!!! Our kids will come out in Kingdom. One vote is really precious so please give a lot … Read more

Mnet KINGDOM, who will wear the crown?

Mnet announced that “Kingdom” will be unveil in April. Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom,” which heated up in last summer, featured THE BOYZ, PENTAGON, ON-OFF, Golden Child, Berryberry, ONEUS and TOO as a program that serve as a ticket entry into “Kingdom.” Read more